Friday, January 20, 2006

The World Most Daring Job

What can we think of as the daring job. Well you can think of miners, pilots, army and people even call programmers job as a health hazard. But what I saw blew my thought and beliefs. It is tea vendoring.

Let me start with how I came to meet this fellow. I was studying in Bangalore at that time and had been to Chennai to meet my cousins there. It am not sure right now whether it was on the way to Chennai or on the way back. But I took this train to my destination. It was a rather busy season and I was traveling without reservation in the unreserved coach. These coaches are disconnected so there is no way that you can go from one coach to the other.

The train was traveling at a healthy speed and it was pretty dark by now. Then suddenly we find that the doors of the coach that were closed started banging. There was this fellow hanging out of the train and trying to get in. This young fellow had actually done a stunt which in Hollywood require days of preparation. On realizing the door was opened and then he came in with his big container. Most of us in the coach were dumbstuck with the effort or foolishness of the tea vendor. He had this big container and another bag with plastic cups. And he was perfectly calm. People asked him why did u do like that. His reply, "I need to sell tea and coffee". Man I was totally shocked and I did buy his coffee for Rs.5/- only.

Never in my life I could have believed that had I not seen that with my own eyes. When we travel we come across a lot of things like these. I would keep blogging about events and people like these. Hope you guys like it.


xtremely_insane said...

yeah.these people are scary!
but the really foolish ones are those trying to get into a moving bus.whats worse,hanging on precariously at the footboard.

and the guys in GAT who try to impress the giggly social butterflies on campus by performing stupid stunts on their noisy bikes down that slope!

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooooo stupid