Monday, January 23, 2006

Cement Road in Bangalore

Having seen the pathetic condition of roads in bangalore right now it seems that cement roads are the best option. But is it something new. Certainly not and especially for Bangalore. Bangalore Municipal body had made cement road in a certain stretch of bangalore way back in 1950s. But the only proof of it is the plaque that still hangs there. The cement on the road is definitely not there. The plaque reads that there was this road which was made cemented. This road is the one near Majestic Bus stand. The crossing from where KSRTC buses enter into the bus stand. I am sorry I don't remember the name as of now. But its there for all to see.
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Suman Kar said...

Nice blog. But my comment is a bit
off the track. Its not about the post.

I was looking at web site when I chanced upon one of your posts in reply to someone looking for '98 Madhyamik batchmates.

Are you still working for Elxsi? I mean this is strange -- 'cause I am from the same batch, been at Elxsi for 2+ yrs and still haven't met you. So that's really weird. Hope you'll drop me a line so we can have a conversation.

skarpio [at] gnmail [dot] com